Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Am I An Alcoholic?

He looks deep into my eyes. "I read your blog."
"Oh yes?" (Thank goodness it's not just my mother.)
"I've been in therapy 4 years myself."
"Oh?" (Hells bells! He's telling me this on our first date?)
"I thought your writing was fiercely honest. I just wanted to tell you that."
"Thank you!" That's more like it! A man who recognizes my fearless self-revelation. But wait a minute, what the heck did I write?
"So how long have you been in recovery?"
"Me? Recovery? Ha-ha ha-ha!" Gosh, he's serious. "I'm not in recovery."
"Oh! So, it's still a problem then?"
"The drinking?"

Suddenly the disparate parts of my flow-of-consciousness writing come together in my head, not, as I intended, a poem to those great and profound moments in life that as human beings we long for and at the same time want to suppress because of their sheer sweet agony, but as it obviously appears to my readers – a confession of alcoholism!

So, to all of you who read my last blog entry and have gone strangely quiet, I am not an alcoholic. Although, if my writing continues to get me into this much trouble, it soon might be the only way to pass the long lonely hours. Hic.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is blogging the new way to find dates?

I didn't think you were confessing to being an alcoholic. I just thought you were expressing some powerful emotions. I loved the metaphor of the bird cage. It really made me feel the emotion.

And remember, alcoholism is in the glass of the beholder.