Saturday, July 12, 2008

You Know Life is Sucky When...

You panic when you hear a Californian bank has failed
And then realize you don’t have any money to withdraw anyway

The pulled muscles in your back hurt too much to sit
But you can't lie on the floor because of the fleas

Your sister sympathizes about the washing machine that broke
But you don’t have a washing machine
(It was the computer, fridge/freezer and car that broke)

The doctor gives you a number to call for your biopsy results
And it is answered by a recorded message
For two days
And counting…

You’re supposed to be enjoying time for yourself
But cry when the store clerk asks if you miss your son

You ask the eight ball if you’re going to get that job
And the eight ball doesn't work

1 comment:

Stephen Mitchell said...

I can very definitely relate!