Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top 10 Favorite Signs In My Neighborhood

1) Served in a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant: Homlet.
If you retranslated it back to French, would it mean "little man?"
2) Coming onto my son's school campus: Drive slow.
I wonder if the class on adjectives and adverbs is next semester?
3) Painted on the Amtrak platform: Stand in back of the line.
What happened to the perfectly good word "behind?" Was it considered too rude?
4) The name of an Armenian coffee shop: Ancient Grounds.
How appetizing!
5) The name of a Cambodian bar: Little Joy.
A place to cry in your beer.
6) Elvis dress shop.
Elvi really should punctuate or she'll perpetuate the myth he's still alive.
7) Outside La Parrilla restaurant: A real Mexican kitchen.
That has many scratching their head, but it's the literal translation of the French word "cuisine."
8) On the left rear bumper of a laborer's truck: Passing side.
On the right: Suiside.
9) Legal Bookstore.
What would the illegal one sell?
10) Outside the library: Literacy class ->